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This is a singing mashup of:
0:33 - Memories (Maroon 5)
1:00 - Photograph (Nickelback)
1:23 - Amnesia (5SOS)
2:05 - Photograph (Ed Sheeran)
2:26 - Stressed out (Twenty One Pilots)
2:50 - Not over you (Gavin Degraw)
3:17 - Everything above all together
This video was inspired by Davie504 and Tom Scott. It looked really cool so I wanted to give it a try.
Davie504 - mnmore.info/cd/gFvT6pUq9HLOvKBYERzXSQ
Tom Scott - mnmore.info/cd/Ba659QWEk1AI4Tg--mrJ2A
Also, super thanks to Phil Tennen who helped us out with his awesome code!
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Edited by Dylan Locke & Jonas Frisk


  1. R1xxy


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    itsa 6000 something off

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    Whoops... The title is wrong

  3. Alexander Marinkin

    Alexander Marinkin

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    roomie? its 917,972...

  4. n mar

    n mar

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    Last minute is my favorite

  5. Hedgehog Gkatzimas

    Hedgehog Gkatzimas

    6 цагийн өмнө

    Rommie "This Singing Mashup Has 912,086 Views: 917,952 Me: WHA

  6. Ooof cat Master

    Ooof cat Master

    7 цагийн өмнө

    Hi random people of roomies comments I have a question What was your first language? And if you are learning other languages what are you learning I’m learning Russian just saying but we learn Indonesian at school /: (no offence to any Indonesian people) but I don’t like learning it Have a good day/night/morning/afternoon just have a good time ^^ god loves you

  7. Jasper Batty

    Jasper Batty

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  8. Misc Mow

    Misc Mow

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    Roomie's title: 912,086 Views Actual Views: 917,768 views

  9. John Irvin Franje

    John Irvin Franje

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    Actually, it has 917,457 views now.

  10. Samantha Chartrand

    Samantha Chartrand

    16 цагийн өмнө

    917,361! Love you, roomie!

  11. Thomas Harris

    Thomas Harris

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    it’s wrong by 5k BITCH jk 🥰

  12. Jason Ash

    Jason Ash

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    This Singing Mashup Has 912,086 Views 916,851 views They have figured us out.

  13. Gatial Raseta

    Gatial Raseta

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    Joel, just make a whole cover its AWESOME. Heck we need it

  14. Handsome Rat

    Handsome Rat

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  15. WoaSpastic


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    It was going so well at the start and now its like 5k off

  16. Winter Shade

    Winter Shade

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    wait what

  17. Aidan Thompson

    Aidan Thompson

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    This editing was really good, must have taken you a while

  18. Nidzma Julka

    Nidzma Julka

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    This has so many views I can't even count it

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    sara gacha_ gamer_101

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    Its 916,245 now in 2020 October 22!

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    Hanania Rozilan

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    By the time I watched this vid, it hits 916,143 views.

  22. puu-chan


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    This proves how much he works hard ;-; keep it up roomie

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    Its 916K now!

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    EnVy H3LLC4T - LIVE

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    It's off by 3k

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    BL4Z3 CRAFT_

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    and what is in joeys head

  28. BL4Z3 CRAFT_

    BL4Z3 CRAFT_

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    wrong the subtille has 912,086 but it has 915,608

  29. Quinn Newling

    Quinn Newling

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    its not right

  30. Gian cobey /Japanese Vr.

    Gian cobey /Japanese Vr.

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    his not talented to sing.... his talented to edit the video I'm joking his good at singing

  31. The CandyMan channel

    The CandyMan channel

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    Ha u wrong with the view

  32. Sunay Mishra

    Sunay Mishra

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    it was not right

  33. Nitemare Darek

    Nitemare Darek

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    its wrong it has 912,445 not 912,086

  34. Lela G

    Lela G

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    Does anyone else hear "cause the drinks bring back all the mammaries" in the Maroon 5 song?

  35. JK LOCO


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    unfortunately title sais 912,086 and the video has 914,645 sorry roomie XD

  36. LeLand Shoplak

    LeLand Shoplak

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    rn for me it has 914,552 views

  37. RiceKindaRight


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    the title: This Singing Mashup Has 912,086 Views the views: 914,497 views

  38. Stacie Green

    Stacie Green

    2 өдрийн өмнө

    This was fire as HELL!!!! I loved every second of it. 😍😍😍

  39. joey animations

    joey animations

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    You punch your wife

  40. Miller D

    Miller D

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    Impressive editing job 10/10!

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    nika ros

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    Rx Ninja

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  43. Pumpicals


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    Video: 914k views Joel: oOoOoH 912K vIeWs!!1!!!!

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    William Santoso

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    no its wrong rn

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    Update: 913,617

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    Hes 700 views out

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    It's wrong tho

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    Naomi Eyers

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    you sing all my favorite songs like and subscribe if you agree

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    And you failed

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    912k views on this video lol

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    title for me is wrong lol

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    Title 910928 View count 911496

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    Title : This Singing Mashup Has 910,928 Views Video : 911,234 views Me : 👁👄👁

  58. agostina Ramos

    agostina Ramos

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    It stopped.. f

  59. bsbl_brass


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    910,870.... you were close

  60. Brogie Elaine

    Brogie Elaine

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    So...I've never heard him sing, I've only ever watched his reacts vids. I'm swooning over here🖤

  61. MusicLife


    4 өдрийн өмнө

    Roomie i love your videos Keep doing what you love! Oh and by the way those 1.5k dislikes on the video dont mind them Because to me they are just likes just flip them upwards :).And how did you do all that stuff on greenscreen You guys are so Talented!

  62. Jacob Compton

    Jacob Compton

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    When I watch it has 910,309 and the title said 910,304 lmaooo

  63. The Mad Zookeeper

    The Mad Zookeeper

    4 өдрийн өмнө

    says it's 910,124 but it's actually 910,133 when i watched it. >_> well sung song. definitely have a good voice. even to this day i think your video that i liked the most was the 25 songs one with ten second songs. wish ya'll could do something like that again.

  64. Rein Akane

    Rein Akane

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    MNmore: 910,028 || me : 910,038

  65. Jasper 0529

    Jasper 0529

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    C’mon, Joel, ya gotta update it

    • Bongos


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      He ran out of Monster Energy Drink

  66. Fxllen St4r

    Fxllen St4r

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    it now has 909,935 views

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    it had 909,900 when i saw it

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    909,780 time to update again

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    its 211 views off rn so...

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    the title is wrong it's not 909,548 it's 909,572

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    Katherine Ruth

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    Holy cow

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    The title said "This Singing Mashup Has 909,155 Views". Nope. It now has 909,189.

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  77. Sydney Mitrecic

    Sydney Mitrecic

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    909,092 views for me🙃 Love you man and love this one . Also, Nickelback is great live... Fight me. (Please don't I don't like conflict, please respect my opinion)

  78. Jacky Boi

    Jacky Boi

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    Well it's not right

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    Juanscool s

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    I legit have a different number

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    908 232

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    View count was wrong by 154 :((

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    it is wrong it says 907,825 Views and it has 907,848 views

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    907,687 views•27 April 2020

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    907 624

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    I on PC

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    Don Proeber

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    OP OP OP;)

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    Roomie sorry but it’s 40 views off

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    907.3 and something something -.-

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    Its wrong...

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    joel gets snapped out of existence. 907,296th view btw

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    Right now 007,122

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    well hes close... very close

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    big panda ? ? ?

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    His voice made me cry...

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    the title is wrong lol