HILARIOUSLY Awkward PH Intro Memes

The meme that exposes us all...
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Today we take a look at the meme who must not be named. The dankest music meme of 2020. Most of you sinners have at some point visited a little website called something like Horn Pub and if you have you will no doubt recognise this little music clip. I react to the most hilariously awkward PH memes exposing people and I also take a look at Marcus Veltri and his video on the topic which is comedy gold.
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  1. RoomieOfficial


    5 сарын өмнө

    This video got demonetized and shut down from most of recommendations, so congratulations on finding it! Loll

    • Bekress


      Өдрийн өмнө


    • ThePokeMiner242


      7 өдрийн өмнө


    • Nat's Inconsistent Music Channel

      Nat's Inconsistent Music Channel

      21 өдрийн өмнө


    • Lonely Dog

      Lonely Dog

      Сарын өмнө

      Australia land of the free

    • Danial Haziq

      Danial Haziq

      Сарын өмнө

      I found it

  2. Mubashir MOHAMED

    Mubashir MOHAMED

    2 өдрийн өмнө

    roomie trying to be innocent failing really badly and omg god what did i see, frikin adult jokes from tom and jerry?

  3. Alvi


    11 өдрийн өмнө

    i hate how many dudes are like, "haha only dudes will understand this joke"

  4. Manferd


    20 өдрийн өмнө

    Girls : oh thats ph or thats disgusting that you know that Boys : ohhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaah

  5. Sal Polizzi

    Sal Polizzi

    24 өдрийн өмнө

    I I'm only 11 and can't unsee this

  6. Shawn Ferrer

    Shawn Ferrer

    25 өдрийн өмнө

    Where is the full video of the mashup

  7. Johannes Askou

    Johannes Askou

    27 өдрийн өмнө

    If he was expelled that means the persons who expelled him knows what it is

  8. sausagehedgehog


    29 өдрийн өмнө

    14:25 i can't remember where that clip is from

  9. Abigail Price

    Abigail Price

    Сарын өмнө

    Roomie: No babies that pay taxes can watch this Me : then why are you watching it Roomie?

  10. Danial Haziq

    Danial Haziq

    Сарын өмнө

    I watch on this site once when I was 9 I regret it now I'm eleven

  11. CheyandCole 2016

    CheyandCole 2016

    Сарын өмнө


  12. Bruh


    Сарын өмнө

    I know what it is but I’m not sick

  13. driftplayz


    Сарын өмнө

    Rommie we living for that Boy in a band dont stay in school Wich one do you guys like more

  14. driftplayz


    Сарын өмнө

    Rommie my parents were sleeping the first time I watched this then I laughed so hard it woke them 😂😂😂😄

  15. driftplayz


    Сарын өмнө

    Yo rommie this S### is haliours

  16. Ollie Jay

    Ollie Jay

    Сарын өмнө


  17. Trin


    2 сарын өмнө

    Weird videos gonna happen

  18. Jameson Samar

    Jameson Samar

    2 сарын өмнө


  19. Jameson Samar

    Jameson Samar

    2 сарын өмнө


  20. DiamondWorld GamingChannel

    DiamondWorld GamingChannel

    2 сарын өмнө

    Plot Twist: the 8 year olds in the school knew what that theme was.

  21. AquariuZ666


    2 сарын өмнө

    Wth is sonic doing in the backround........

  22. Cookie queen

    Cookie queen

    2 сарын өмнө

    My siblings and I were watching MNmore and when my sister went to her tabs one of them was Now TV (black and yellow logo!) and my 18 year old brother went: "is that the p*** hub logo?!?!" My sister was 12-13, so we just looked at each other and said to my brother: "How do you know what the logo looks like...?"

  23. HiT 77

    HiT 77

    2 сарын өмнө

    Puwn hub

  24. Amino Gaming

    Amino Gaming

    2 сарын өмнө

    Ight boys where do all the girls from phub belong??

  25. Frozen Boy

    Frozen Boy

    2 сарын өмнө

    He say he didn't know😂

  26. Jelena Majić

    Jelena Majić

    2 сарын өмнө

    "lemme know if this is Christian" Joel nothing in this video is Christian 😂 y'all need Jesus

  27. Nur Azira Zora

    Nur Azira Zora

    2 сарын өмнө

    Never went to the website, knows the beat due to memes, gotta keep a straight face all the time if I ever hear the beat out loud

  28. Nickyle_


    2 сарын өмнө

    9:47 what's the name of that show I forgot

  29. Ollie Jay

    Ollie Jay

    2 сарын өмнө

    Porn hub

  30. Lance Marco P. ALBANO

    Lance Marco P. ALBANO

    2 сарын өмнө

    The back ground picture on his screen lol

    • Lance Marco P. ALBANO

      Lance Marco P. ALBANO

      2 сарын өмнө


  31. OKGplayz


    2 сарын өмнө

    F R I C C S T I C C

  32. SUC - Jann Lawrence Alparaque

    SUC - Jann Lawrence Alparaque

    2 сарын өмнө

    I noticed that he did not include the last clip on Marcus' video. I think it would've had a lot of bleep out that there's not even a sound 😂😂

  33. Dahlia Rose

    Dahlia Rose

    2 сарын өмнө

    Bad words 👁👄👁

  34. Justin Ferreira

    Justin Ferreira

    2 сарын өмнө

    2:19 I get it, when he was trying to eat the banana the ph music came in, that’s because it was like he was eating a penis and oh is all about the sexual stuff

  35. Sandy Sijera

    Sandy Sijera

    2 сарын өмнө

    Found it

  36. fdf yggh

    fdf yggh

    3 сарын өмнө

    Porn hub

  37. LittleJ766


    3 сарын өмнө

    1:24 aye PayMoneyWubby

  38. romain burgy

    romain burgy

    3 сарын өмнө

    The girl that said "that's disgusting that you know that" definitely knew as well

  39. Uni Unty

    Uni Unty

    3 сарын өмнө

    please make a full video were you react on marcus veltri

  40. Ferri Goma

    Ferri Goma

    3 сарын өмнө


  41. Crapickle


    3 сарын өмнө

    Me 13 I'm staying

  42. Potatoes


    3 сарын өмнө

    Roomie: If your a baby or a pregnant baby Me: *CONFUSED* *SCREAMING*

    • dead leaves

      dead leaves

      3 сарын өмнө


  43. Dani GoGodly

    Dani GoGodly

    3 сарын өмнө

    This display of manliness is crazy... 😂😂😂

  44. Julie Gernale

    Julie Gernale

    3 сарын өмнө

    I am here to see him blush like that🤣

  45. mauricio garcia

    mauricio garcia

    3 сарын өмнө

    yeah i say all roblox i say p-hub its #### ### he no workkkkk

  46. AvengedChaos777


    3 сарын өмнө

    It is a pretty generic drum beat lol

  47. Liz Phelan

    Liz Phelan

    3 сарын өмнө


  48. Despresso


    3 сарын өмнө

    My boyfriend just turned around part way through the video and tried to explain to me what this sound was from, me just staring at him with the most annoyed expression imaginable. BOY I WATCH TO IM NOT DUMB🤣🤣🤣

  49. HazardRail


    3 сарын өмнө

    Where can i download your mashup xD

  50. Melanie C.

    Melanie C.

    3 сарын өмнө

    Joel's laugh is the best

  51. MrMidget1


    4 сарын өмнө

    I love Marcus so I’m glad you saw his vids

  52. LittleClapper67 DM

    LittleClapper67 DM

    4 сарын өмнө

    At the start he's sounds like he's trying to act like he dosnt knowbwhat it is

  53. Maxwell King

    Maxwell King

    4 сарын өмнө

    i heard roomie mention that this vid got demonetized so had to check it

  54. Jade Evans

    Jade Evans

    4 сарын өмнө

    This is not kosher

  55. Knight


    4 сарын өмнө

    Joels the type of person to go on phub for the music

  56. Emilie Cao

    Emilie Cao

    4 сарын өмнө

    I fuckin had like the highest volume on without headphones bc I'm a dumbass, hopefully my family didn't recognise the beat...

  57. Annmarie Gomes

    Annmarie Gomes

    4 сарын өмнө


  58. Ginny S. Matthias

    Ginny S. Matthias

    4 сарын өмнө

    Curse you for using marioXsonic. Curse you. Only Johnmovies can do that and get away with it.

  59. Benedict Fishy

    Benedict Fishy

    4 сарын өмнө

    Your mashup is awesome oml XD

  60. gilbert queen

    gilbert queen

    4 сарын өмнө

    On january 30th aka my birthday some kid played the phub intro in a talent show and got expelled. Interesting

  61. Overseer


    4 сарын өмнө

    5:45 *Law and Order intro*

  62. Demon Lord

    Demon Lord

    4 сарын өмнө

    PH theme song is educational???? actually it might be but don't get caught

  63. 1000 subs with No videos?

    1000 subs with No videos?

    4 сарын өмнө

    It a website where i got addicted to it when i was 6

  64. Misaki


    4 сарын өмнө

    4:38 Funny thing because there was also someone who did this at their school and he didn't get expelled 😂

  65. Xenia Clemena

    Xenia Clemena

    4 сарын өмнө

    Im not a kid adult or teen im a cow disguised as a human

  66. Juliana Paes

    Juliana Paes

    4 сарын өмнө

    I genuinely NEVER heard this song in my life. I never went to Phub before. You know why? . . . . . Because I only use xvideos

    • Johnson Wu

      Johnson Wu

      Сарын өмнө

      XVideos sucks tho. PH is more pleasant to use

    • Potatoes


      3 сарын өмнө

      The one where they put all the xman episodes?

  67. SpeedyGD


    4 сарын өмнө

    It doesn’t matter if you “heard it from this meme”.

  68. jbmleos


    4 сарын өмнө

    12:12 the kids look 14

  69. allen magalso

    allen magalso

    4 сарын өмнө

    Im kinda triggered how no one realized that riley ried wasin one of the clips



    4 сарын өмнө

    P-Hub definitely a Pewdiepie Hub

  71. CrazyComedyKid


    4 сарын өмнө

    Why is the Mario and Sonic GIF in the background.

  72. Melody Fitz

    Melody Fitz

    4 сарын өмнө

    Pt 2 lmfaoo

  73. Bence Szollár

    Bence Szollár

    4 сарын өмнө

    Can we get the remix, please?

  74. HoodKill


    4 сарын өмнө

    5:41 deserves it's place in the P-hub memes.

  75. Rave Homard

    Rave Homard

    4 сарын өмнө

    How do I delete someone else’s MNmore channel?

  76. animATE'ngami'n


    4 сарын өмнө


  77. animATE'ngami'n


    4 сарын өмнө

    Roomie: if your a kid or a pregnant kid don’t watch this He says it a 5:27

  78. DefinetlyNotACommunist


    5 сарын өмнө

    The one guy just snuck it into the song!

  79. Ghastify


    5 сарын өмнө

    Watch frickmovies

  80. Awesome Astronaut

    Awesome Astronaut

    5 сарын өмнө

    Him: i dont know what the p-hub community is Also him after recording the video: *ph intro plays.

  81. Blue_Tiger_8


    5 сарын өмнө

    If he was expelled, the principle knows what the theme is

  82. idontknowanymore animations

    idontknowanymore animations

    5 сарын өмнө

    P hub is where the demonetization come from

  83. Effa Cuberlovers

    Effa Cuberlovers

    5 сарын өмнө

    What is PH means? I didn't get it. What music is it from?

  84. Tatiyana


    5 сарын өмнө

    I wonder what would happen if I played this at my church in the middle of a song-

  85. Carlito lol

    Carlito lol

    5 сарын өмнө

    It kinda sounds like the beat of Umbrella by Rihanna.

  86. Larainah Bennett

    Larainah Bennett

    5 сарын өмнө

    I don’t know why I am watching this 🤦‍♀️

  87. Dark And Dorky

    Dark And Dorky

    5 сарын өмнө

    AWWWWWWW ya mum watches 👩‍👦

  88. Zigzang84


    5 сарын өмнө

    Oh, it’s the [deleted] intro

  89. YugiUzumaki


    5 сарын өмнө

    5:58 I'm getting flashbacks...

  90. DripMask


    5 сарын өмнө

    6:25 Riley Reid. Nice. 👍🏾

  91. NRX Morpheinxz

    NRX Morpheinxz

    5 сарын өмнө

    Lmao 1:57 it looks like fishstick from fortnite

  92. Xenia Clemena

    Xenia Clemena

    5 сарын өмнө

    All 9 year old:YOU WONT STOP US

  93. ThatPotato


    5 сарын өмнө

    4:30 Visco girl?

  94. Mario1611


    5 сарын өмнө

    4:21 That's what she said.

  95. Marino Hell

    Marino Hell

    5 сарын өмнө

    Literally showed this music to my mom and father and they didnt get it

  96. Karol Mantovani

    Karol Mantovani

    5 сарын өмнө

    Joel: hmm if I make a video where all my subscribers gonna cringe every friking second?

  97. Marino Hell

    Marino Hell

    5 сарын өмнө

    I dont get that song because i never go to that site mom

  98. Norhane Berras

    Norhane Berras

    5 сарын өмнө

    can we talk about him censoring the word Hell in 1:55.

  99. Diana Tenezaca

    Diana Tenezaca

    5 сарын өмнө

    4:35 They wouldn’t have expelled him if they didn’t know what it was..... THE PRINCIPAL GOT SOME EXPLAINING TO DO

  100. Vince Smith

    Vince Smith

    5 сарын өмнө

    Why are lying